Dinosaur Style is primarily me, Scott Somerville. I'm an experienced software developer with extensive experience working on and maintaining legacy systems across an array of languages and technologies. I've worked on a broad array of projects from SEH Computer System's set of products for insurance companies, a self published fighting game called “Kings of Nevermore”, and Igloo Software's web based social intranet software. I'm also an artist (check out the background on the website) and right now I'm working for myself developing a game in MonoGame and C# using my custom built game engine. At the moment I work for Palette helping build software for our state of the art hardware control devices and enabling artists photographers and other creatives to do their best work and do it faster.

Check out the links above for my resume, email, and twitter. Whether you're an employer, or just interested in what I'm working on, absolutely feel free to get in touch, I'd love to talk shop!